NCAA College Football Odds and Lines

     NCAA college football odds are very similar to NFL odds and very easy to understand. As you look at the college football betting line you will see options to bet sides and totals. You will also have the choice to bet money lines, parlays, teasers, first halves, halftimes, etc. as you look at the college football odds.

College football odds begin with the pointspread. This is where the team perceived to have less of a chance of winning will have points added to their score and the team expected to win will have the same number of points subtracted from their score.

The NCAA football odds pointspread has it so even if a team like Ohio State is playing Northwestern, you will still get people betting on Northwestern because they are getting a lot of points in college football odds. If you didn't have the NCAA football odds pointspread then very few, if any people would ever bet a big underdog like Northwestern in that instance.

You will notice that NCAA odds move every day depending upon which side people are betting. If gamblers are betting one particular side, then sportsbooks have no choice but to move the pointspread in favor of that team on the college football odds board. This makes the opposite side more attractive, and it also makes the popular side less attractive. Let's take that previous example again in college football odds. If Ohio State was laying 21 points to Northwestern and everyone was betting the Buckeyes, the NCAA football odds might go up to -22 or more. Now people might be more inclined to take Northwestern, but even if they don't, now the Buckeyes must win by more than 21 to cover the college football odds.

Another factor that influences the college football odds is the number of games on the board. College football has more games than the NFL and that means oddsmakers face a more difficult task of putting out an accurate line on each game. You will also see lower limits on NCAA football odds than in the NFL. Instead of $10,000 a game on the NFL, it might be only half that in college football.

The best day of the week for many bettors is Saturday. The work week has ended and people are ready to bet. The college football betting odds look very attractive at this time. Take a look at the college football lines today.