College Football Odds Tips

College football odds appeal to many people around the world for a variety of reasons.

For football bettors that want to make money, college football odds offer great opportunities. Let’s look at some things that could help you wager versus the college football betting line. College football odds can be beaten but it is not easy. One tip that many people ignore when it comes to college football odds is to bet the coaches. You pick out certain coaches to bet on or against. College football is much more a coach’s game than any other sport. The college coach is a combination, general manager and a coach. The best coaches are well organized and have a presence along with a good staff of assistant coaches.

Pete Carroll is a good example of a college coach worth betting on versus the college football odds. Betting USC is always worth considering in college football odds. A tip to always remember is to not risk your money in college football odds on coaches or programs that are totally erratic and have little discipline. Another tip to consider when betting college football odds is to look beyond the obvious and consider conferences and teams that are not as well known. Remember that they pay you for a win on Florida International the same as they do if you win on USC versus the college football betting line.

If you can concentrate on smaller conferences like the MAC or the WAC on the college football betting line you might be able to gain an advantage over the sportsbook in terms of college football odds. It is unlikely that you will get much of an advantage in conferences like the Big 10 or Big 12 in college football odds. If you are looking at college football odds on a regular basis you should understand that Saturdays are exciting, action filled; and dangerous if you don’t have a plan. You must be prepared with a plan of attack and that might mean dividing up your bankroll, setting amounts, or playing every game versus the college football odds on a percentage basis.

Whatever you decide, remember that the college football betting line holds a lot of opportunity but it also offers trouble if you are not careful and disciplined in your betting.

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