Texas Tech Head Coach Suspended College Football Odds

College football odds have Texas Tech favored by 7.5 on Saturday in the Valero Alamo Bowl against Michigan State even though the team will not have head coach Mike Leach.

The university has suspended Leach pending an investigation into allegations surrounding Leach’s treatment of an injured player. How the suspension affects Texas Tech in their college football betting bowl game remains to be seen.

College football odds still have Texas Tech heavily favored against Michigan State on Saturday. The Red Raiders may not be as focused though in this college football betting contest without their head coach. College football odds have defensive coordinator Ruffin McNeill being the interim coach for the Alamo Bowl. He will also remain in control of the team until the investigation is over.

The situation regarding Leach surrounds the treatment of redshirt sophomore wide receiver Adam James who is the son of ESPN analyst Craig James.  Adam James suffered a concussion earlier this college football odds month and was told not to practice.  It has been reported that Leach had a trainer direct James into a dark room. James was reportedly confined for three hours in the room.  Reports have it that Leach told a trainer to put him in a dark room again two days later.  Leach’s attorney has agreed with some of what has been reported but disputes some of the details.

Texas Tech was 8-4 this season and was expected to do well in college football odds in the game against Michigan State on Saturday. Craig James was scheduled to announce the Alamo Bowl for ESPN but now will not be part of the broadcast.

This has not been a good college football betting season for Leach at Texas Tech as the teams has lost four games and this is not the first incident the coach has had this college football odds season. He ripped into his players in October and made some disparaging remarks. College football betting shows that he also suspended starting offensive lineman Brandon Carter for violating team rules and he banned his players from having Twitter pages.

While the investigation has not been concluded as college football odds info indicates, it does sound like Leach is in serious trouble.  It does not seem likely he can survive all of the problems even though he agreed to a five-year, $12.7 million contract last February.

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