Bowl Odds Bowl odds will be released soon and they will very likely be the most competitive college football odds for this bowl game ever released.

In years past fans have grown accustomed to teams from mediocre conferences playing in the Bowl betting competition, but not this year. In the 2008 edition of the Bowl odds there will be representatives from two of the biggest conferences in college football odds and that should make the Bowl odds a pretty hot commodity. Bowl odds have yet to gain a national following that more established bowls like the Rose Bowl or Orange Bowl enjoy, but that’s to be considered that that the Bowl odds have only been around for two years versus the lengthy history of the afore mentioned games. But since its debut in the 2006 the Bowl betting has slowly but steadily improved. In fact, in just the span of three years the Bowl odds have gone from avoidable to can’t-miss.

In the biggest development in the short history of the Bowl odds, the organizers scored a tremendous achievement when they secured the support of the Big East and the SEC. This is monumental achievement for this bowl game and should boost the Bowl odds to the top of the pack of non-BCS bowl games. The Big East boasts a wealth of talent and although it’s suffered a bit of a setback this year in terms of competition, it’s still a great deal.

But the real story here is the SEC, which gives the Bowl odds instantaneous credibility. The SEC is loaded with talent this season and even the worst teams in this conference are still among the best in the country. The Bowl odds looks like it could even host a ranked team, depending on the SEC representative it secures. With so many SEC teams ranked in the top 25 there is a good shot that one of those teams could be in the 2008 edition of the Bowl odds.

Last year’s match up between Cincinnati and Southern Miss was a step up in both attendance and quality, but this year’s version should blow last year’s entertaining Bowl betting out of the water and establish a new standard in what Bowl odds action should be. Open a New Account and bet on the Bowl at SBG Global!

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