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College football betting begins with NCAA Division I football games starting in September and continues right through to the BCS Championship game held in January. The options available for college football betting at our sportsbook include weekly games, BCS odds, total team wins, odds to win in each conference, Heisman Trophy odds and more.

Getting Started with College Football Odds

In terms of college football betting odds, these are point-spreads or totals that the public may bet on each week during the college football season for any given team. The job of the college football betting odds maker is to put out betting lines that will attract action on both sides of the game. College football betting odds making is mainly an average of numbers and statistics but it is also partly a feel. A good college football betting odds maker will be able to see which way the public is likely to bet and make the odds accordingly. That does not always mean the college football betting line will be perfectly balanced as it should be. The line will probably be shaded toward the favorite in many instances because the public usually bets the favorite.

NCAA Football Betting Trends

NCAA football gambling also has more betting trends that prove to stand the test of time, when compared to NFL betting. College football gambling trends can be something the football betting players looks at a little more closely. The NCAA football betting board offers far more possibilities of weak lines than the NFL does. There are far more games and more possibilities for college football betting players to consider on Saturdays than Sundays. The NFL usually only has 15 games per week for football betting players while college has about 50. You can find some interesting possibilities on the college football bet board each week.

Analyzing and Handicapping

Analyzing a full week of NCAA football gambling games can be a daunting task but the good news is that you have almost a full week to do it. College football bet lines come out Sunday evening and the majority of the games are not until the next Saturday. That gives you plenty of time to plan out a strategy and pick out football betting winners for the NCAA football betting week. Also remember that we have a great mobile betting platform, meaning that you will be able to access all the information and even bet while you are on the road or even at a game.

Watch out for the Busy Schedule

For those football betting players that bet on both the colleges and the pros you will probably get most of them to tell you that college football, hands down, offers far more excitement than pro football. There is just so much going on during a college football betting Saturday. You have the early morning games, the noon games, the afternoon games, the evening games and even the Hawaii game. College football is a game of variety and excitement that even the NFL can’t match. Look at NCAA football betting this season and you will be very pleased.

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