October-November College Football Odds

College football odds in October and November are exciting to wager on as the conference season heats up.

The good news about these two months is that the major non-conference mismatches on the college football odds are over and exciting conference play begins. Let’s take a look at October-November college football betting line action. College football odds in September are sometimes unpredictable since so many teams are unknown. When October and November arrive the unknowns are basically over and you have a good idea of the strength of teams in regards to the college football odds.

Conference college football odds have a lot of tradition and emotion involved both with the actual game day matchups but also with the lingering affects of big wins and devastating losses from the previous week. When conference play goes into full swing, gamblers should be able to pick off the real potential surprise teams as well as have a better grip on who may be potential overlays on the college football betting line.

Conference play is often a good read on college football odds because you really see the true worth of teams. While the masses may still be stuck looking at the college football betting line favorites, the sharp gambler can find plenty of value. It is when conference play begins that you really start to get a handle on teams versus the college football odds. You just can’t tell much from a September blowout of Middle Tennessee or Akron. It is conference play where you get an idea of which teams are good bets versus the college football odds.

While there will be the occasional conference matchup in September, it is the month of October that sees most teams in full conference action. There are some gamblers that won’t bet college football odds until October. These gamblers are disciplined enough to wait for the college football odds of October and November when conference play begins. It is tough to sit out the month of September in terms of college football odds but professional gamblers will sometimes do so.

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