NCAA Football Odds Change

These football odds matchups counter between being unpredictable and yet often have reliable odds football angles and trends that hold up each year.

Football odds on college games really have three separate seasons in a sense. You have the non-conference slate of football odds, the conference games and the postseason. Each of these odds football seasons are different in how they are approached both teams and gamblers.

Football odds action starts with the September non-conference games followed by the October-November conference season, and concludes with the conference championship games and bowl games, or postseason. The September non-conference season features a considerable amount of mismatches in odds football between traditional-power teams in Bowl Championship Series (BCS) conferences against weak BCS teams or “mid-major” teams that play in smaller non-BCS conferences. Money is at the root of these odds football matchups as the smaller schools will get paid a handsome sum by the bigger schools for being a sacrificial lamb. The football odds on these games are often very high because of name recognition and mismatches.

The October-November conference season features exciting matchups that are far closer in parity and in football odds and feature a lot of emotion that often carries over from week to week. Many professional gamblers will bet more on these conference games as they like to use September to get a feel for the teams rather than fly blind versus football odds. As the conference season grows, most teams reveal what they are made of and it is easier to judge their football odds board value.

The third season in December-January football odds consists of conference championship games and the bowls. The bowl games often feature teams with both different outlooks on the bowls and wild results and finishes versus the football odds. The bowls have become a greater football odds challenge in recent years with both parity and increased amounts of games and teams. It seems every team over .500 is playing in a bowl game.

Take a look at the three different parts of the college football season and enjoy the great action.

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