Looking at College Football Odds Futures

College football odds may not be as popular as NFL odds but they do get a lot of action including future bets.

In recent seasons, gamblers look at futures as a way to gain an edge against the college football odds. A college football betting line in terms of futures is similar to pro football futures where a gambler can wager on each team to win the Super Bowl. With college football odds you can wager on each college football team’s chances to win the national championship game. In fact, in some cases, you can even bet on the national championship game where you pick both teams that will be in the big game. A believable matchup, such as Ohio State and Florida will bring far lesser college football odds than a long shot such as a matchup between Missouri and Florida.

Just as is the case in pro football, you can wager on the over/under for a team’s total wins in a season on the college football odds board. For example, you might have a team like Alabama with a total of 8 wins for the season at -119 on the college football betting line. This meant that a gambler that bet on Alabama to win more than 8 games would lay out -$119 to win $100 on the college football betting line. In future college football odds, you can also wager on which team will win its conference championship as well as even wager on who will win the Heisman Trophy. Futures college football betting is a great way to lay out a little bit of money on a “sleeper” or “surprise” team versus college football odds. This way you can hit a nice return if you are correct versus the college football odds.

It’s also an excellent way for a gambler with a tight budget to have action for an entire season versus the college football betting line. Just like NFL futures, a gambler that does the obvious and takes the power, such as Florida or Ohio State to win the season national title is not going to get much value. What you want to do is look for a good team that is getting overlooked, and does not have the same reputation as the touted chalks in college football odds. Another great feature about college football odds futures is that you can jump in at mid or even late season with adjusted college football odds based on current results and revelations.

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