Keys for Betting College Football Odds

The college football odds makers do a pretty good job and set the NCAA odds for specific reasons.

College football odds are great to bet but the goal is to win money when you wager against NCAA odds. There are some simple keys to look for when analyzing the college football odds board that will save you time, point you in the right direction, and often bring you value.

College football odds will give you between 50 and 60 games each week to consider. You can start narrowing things down on the college football odds board by looking at teams with a strong defense. Not only is it incredibly frustrating to have money on a team in NCAA odds that is helpless in stopping its opponents, it is also satisfying when you do have money on a team that can suffocate its opponents and slam shut the “back door.” Defense, it is said, wins championships. Defense also wins a lot of money versus the college football odds.

Another key component to want on your side is line of scrimmage superiority, which is related to a team’s ability to control the ground. While the “West Coast Offense” may be what is in vogue these days, football is still ultimately won on the ground. You definitely notice this in college football odds where teams that can run the ball and stop the run win for you each season.

Another factor to consider as you examine college football odds is emotion. You may want to consider teams in NCAA odds coming off an emotional win in which they may come out flat in their next game. Conversely, you can consider a team that is upset about a previous loss to show more emotion in their next game. The emotion factor is one not to overlook as you examine the college football odds each week.

Above everything else though, you want to really study the college football odds themselves. The better you understand the college football odds and why they were made the way they were, the better your chances of success will be.

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