Halftime College Football Odds

You can do things like divide the college football odds, look at the teams and how relate to the college football betting line, but what else can you do?

College football odds are available at the half for many games each week. Most sportsbooks will put up halftime college football odds for all of the major TV games, while others will put up quite a few more. There are also some books that post a college football betting line at the half on every single college football game.

College football odds at the half should be handicapped a little bit differently than other odds. What goes into handicapping a college football betting line at the half? How do you go about betting one? Your traditional handicapping techniques that you use for regular college football odds don’t apply at the half. Many people rely upon the professional gamblers to do their work for them. If you have a line service you will be able to see the college football odds at many different sportsbooks and track the movement. Usually if the college football betting line is moving by a point or more it is quite likely a major professional group or groups has bet the game. When it comes to college football odds these big professional groups don’t hold the same reputation they once did, but they still have a following and halftimes are sometimes a good place to tag along.

Betting college football odds at the half are a struggle between the book and the player and in this case it is possible for the player to get an edge. The only data that both the players and the books have to look at is the first half. Not every game is on national television but it is possible for gamblers to buy the ESPN Game Plan and monitor games the books may not be paying close attention to. Another type of strategy, in addition to following the wiseguys moves, is to bet the team that is losing at the half if they were favored for the game. This makes sense because now you are getting better college football odds than you would have gotten before the game began.

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