GMAC Bowl Odds

GMAC Bowl odds may not seem like such a hot commodity for college football odds fans at first, but they are often a very good betting proposition.

GMAC Bowl odds are attractive for several reasons, not the least of which is the fact that they fall on January 6th which is a day with very little college football odds action and generally one of the last games of the year.  This year when the two teams in the GMAC Bowl betting arrive in Mobile, AL for the tenth annual GMAC Bowl odds competition there will be plenty of excitement and plenty of fan interest.

GMAC Bowl odds have a relatively brief history in the world of college football but after a decade of existence there are plenty of reasons to believe that this event is growing in stature.  First held in 1999, the GMAC Bowl odds have been a huge success ever since with sports fans and wagering fans.  The organizers and the host city of Mobile continually put on a first class event the GMAC Bowl betting has yet to disappoint.  With its main sponsor GMAC in a financial crisis the future of the GMAC Bowl odds competition has come under some speculation, but for the 2009 edition, at least, there is nothing to fear.

This year the GMAC Bowl odds will feature a Conference USA team and a team from the MAC, the same as all the previous GMAC Bowl odds match ups.  And over the years these two conferences have combined to form a pretty impressive game year in and year out.  And there have been some very impressive individual performances in the history of the GMAC Bowl betting as well.  Take a quick glance over the list of the GMAC Bowl odds MVP winners a glimpse at a heap of college football talent.  Past winners of the prestigious GMAC Bowl odds MVPS includes Big Ben Roethlisberger, LaDanian Tomlinson and Bruce Gradkowski.  Also, Byron Leftwich of Marshall is the only two time GMAC Bowl odds MVP winner.  All of these players have gone on from their success in the GMAC Bowl odds and built successful NFL career.

So who will be this year’s GMAC Bowl odds MVP award winner?  No one knows for sure, but the impressive pedigree of past award winners is a good indicator that sports fans could glimpse something special in this year’s GMAC Bowl odds competition.

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