The Extra Half Point in College Football Odds

College football odds winning and losing oftentimes comes down to a half point here or there.

A question that many gamblers ask themselves is whether or not to buy points when college football odds. Let’s look at buying points in college football lines. College football odds are different than NFL odds because of higher pointspreads. Many gamblers will never buy the half point in college football odds because it costs more money. Instead of laying the traditional $110 for $100 you are asked to lay $120 for every $100 if you buy the extra half point in college football odds.

Is it worth it? The answer is usually not. In the NFL the key number that makes it worth buying the half point with is 3. The problem is that most sportsbooks will not let you buy the extra half point on, or off, of three. In college football it would seem like 3 would be another key number in college football odds but it is not. There are simply not enough games that land on three for it to be worthwhile to buy points in college football odds.

What is the big deal about an extra half point or so in college football odds? The big deal can be getting extra wins or ties that would have been losses versus college football lines. The problem with buying that extra half point in college football odds is that over the long term it costs you money. Let’s look at an example. Say that Alabama was at home playing Auburn and was a 3.5 point favorite in college football odds. You could buy that college football betting lines number down to -3 but you lay -120 to do so.

Over the long run not enough college football games land on three to make this type of half point buy worthwhile. The same thing applies when you are buying down to -2.5 in college football odds or from +2.5 to +3. The bottom line with buying points in college football lines is that it is not worth it.

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