Conference College Football Lines

This is why the conference football lines are so important and why they are a great time to make money in lines football action.

Football lines in college football really get exciting during the months of October and November when conference play begins. The college football conference schedule is a literal buffet of lines football excitement, drama, passion, intensity, and, most of all, an opportunity to make money. Let’s take a look at conference play in college football. Football lines in college football take on added importance during the conference part of the season.

You will find that in college football lines you will see historic trends tend to stand up better than in NFL lines football action. Such angles as intra-state rivalries, revenge, and playing for all the marbles can all factor into college football lines during conference play. Many of the trends and angles in college football lines will be focused on conference play since the teams regularly play each other every year. The more times teams play, the more history you can look at in regards to potential trends and angles versus the football lines.

Emotion is also a factor that is of paramount importance as you consider college football lines, particularly conference college football lines.

Conference rivalries can bring out an emotion that will actually linger for weeks afterwards. This happens in many conferences put is very noticeable in the Big 10 and SEC. These two conferences have rivalry games that really are on the national radar and attract a lot of attention football lines.

One of the best features about the conference season are the “Rivalry Week” games such as Auburn/Alabama, Michigan/Ohio State, Texas/Texas A&M, Nebraska/Colorado, Florida/Florida State, and Pitt/West Virginia, and others. These games offer unique and potentially profitable college football lines based on history, strong intangibles, and trends.

Lines football action during the conference season is where many gamblers focus their attention. Some gamblers are leery of playing games early in the season where not much is known while others are wary of playing late in the season when things are already decided.

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