College Football Odds Halftime

College football odds at the half are becoming a more popular choice at online sportsbooks.

It used to be that only the TV games would get halftime college football odds but that is no longer the case. Many online sportsbooks are putting up more of them all the time on the college football betting line boards. College football odds at the half are a good way to expand your betting options. You can do the same things with halftime college football odds as you do with full game college football odds and more. One area you can look at is line movement with halftime college football odds.

You will need either a line service or you will have to continually check your online sportsbook for updates, but it is worth it. The wise guys don’t win nearly as much as they used to in sports betting but halftime college football odds are still an area worth following them on. Keep in mind that it is not always an easy thing to make college football odds at the half. Not every game is on TV and a lot of games are going on at the same time, making the job difficult.

Some bettors may be watching the game, while the oddsmaker may not be. And the online college football odds maker has very little time to make a line. Once the game goes to the half there are just a couple of minutes to get a college football betting line out. Wise guys look at the halftime college football betting line and sometimes will hit it fast. It is those situations that following along with the college football betting line movement can be profitable.

Let’s look at an example. Let’s say we have a game that is off the national scene a little bit between Northwestern and Iowa, yet it is an ABC regional TV game, meaning that most sportsbooks will put up halftime college football odds. Many people will not be watching the game since it is regional but bettors in the Midwest might be and they might have a good idea of how the game is going.

Say for example that the game is tied, but that Iowa is outplaying Northwestern. The online sportsbook oddsmaker puts out a line of pick at the half, Iowa bettors immediately pound it, and the line goes up to Iowa -2. The wise guys probably have a better idea than the online sportsbook oddsmaker, and Iowa is probably a good bet in halftime college football odds. Those are the situations that can make you money over a football season.

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