College Football Betting TV Games

What does this TV action mean to the person that will bet on college football? It means to bet TV games more than others in college football betting.

College football betting is always more enjoyable and exciting when the games on TV. Many people that bet on college football each weekend only bet games that are on TV. This is not unusual, since most average bettors want to watch the game they have money on. How do you go about betting games that are on television? College football betting gives you a lot of games each week on television.

During the college football betting season you will have about 10 to 15 games per week that are on TV. Some of these games are more high profile than others, but all of them are of more importance to the bettor than others. It starts with the Thursday night game on ESPN where bettors get started with the college football betting weekend. It continues with the early ESPN and ABC games on Saturday and really gets going with the afternoon games on ABC, CBS, ESPN and NBC if Notre Dame is home. It continues at night with the big ESPN evening game in college football betting. This does not include the regional games that are on ABC or the games throughout the day on ESPN 2, ESPN U, FSN, Versus and other networks.

The college football betting oddsmaker will spend more time on the TV games than the others. In addition to those two facts it also means the college football betting line is almost always going to be shaded toward the favorite and the over on these games. The public loves the favorite and the over in high profile games and the college football betting oddsmaker shades the favorite and the over accordingly. This gives value to the dog and the under in college football betting. It doesn’t mean they will win, but it does mean they have value. It also gives the other non-TV games a slight bit of value because the added time was not spent on them by the college football betting oddsmaker.

When you look at TV games give some serious thought to the underdog and the Under. You can then consider the favorite and the Over. If you are on the same side as the public you want to be very sure of your selection as you bet on college football.

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