College Football Betting – Notre Dame vs. Hawaii at Sheraton Hawaii Bowl

College football betting is full of injustices and one of the most grievous will be repeated this year in the Sheraton Hawaii Bowl betting.

When it comes to college football odds there is no doubting the fact that the college football bowl committees play favorites. And year in and year out, as this year’s Sheraton Hawaii Bowl odds demonstrate, the biggest beneficiary of this rotten college football betting tradition is Notre Dame.

College football betting is built on history and tradition (how else to explain the flawed postseason with no playoff system in place?), and in many ways it’s a very quaint arrangement. But even tradition has its limits when competition and college football odds are involved and the college football betting bowl committees continue to push the envelope by insisting on inviting Notre Dame to bowl games, when the program obviously doesn’t deserve the invite.

However, the Irish got the obligatory six wins (barely, and with a watered down schedule) and finished up the season 6-6. After all, all’s fair in love and war, and in college football odds.

And it’s not exactly like the Rainbow Warriors of Hawaii are any college football betting Goliath. With a flimsy 7-6 record, their college football betting bowl invite also seems tainted as they are the local team and seem to always get the bid. So in a poetic sort of way, these two college football betting foes deserve each other.

Notre Dame is a close to royalty as you can get in college football betting. Few teams have been as successful or boast as rich a college football odds tradition as the Fighting Irish. But more importantly no team in college football betting has a rabid and deep-pocketed following off the field as Notre Dame, and for this they have been rewarded once again with an invite to the Sheraton Hawaii Bowl odds competition.

Let’s be frank, the Sheraton Hawaii Bowl betting is hardly a BCS bid, but Notre Dame is so bad right now that if it weren’t for the guarantee of its fans selling out the stadium and millions of Fighting Irish fans watching the telecast, this team would never even be considered for this college football betting bowl game, or any other.

Hawaii is favored by two but the only sure thing in this college football betting match up is that it will be one of the ugliest games of the postseason.

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