College Football Betting Checklist

Have you done your research for the college football betting season? Do you have the time necessary to keep up to date as you make your NCAA football betting picks?

If you want to win money at college football betting you must be prepared and know what you are doing every single week. Let’s review a simple college football betting checklist you can use every single week of the NCAA football season.

1. Research every game on the board and eliminate games that are just not playable for that week.  You can’t play a laundry list of games and expect to win money at NCAA football betting.

2. Eliminate teams that you just want nothing to do with on the college football betting board.  As you examine the weekly NCAA football betting line there will be teams that you just can’t bet.  Cross off Duke, North Carolina, Buffalo and other college football betting teams that have not made you any money.

3. Remember that halftime wagers are available for college football betting.  Many times bettors totally forget that they can make halftime wagers and some of those bets can be more profitable than bets made before the games begin.

4. Set your bankroll up in advance of your NCAA football betting and decide how much per game you are going to bet.  Don’t be making this decision when the games are in progress.  You must decide before the games begin what you want to do in regards to bet sizes.

5. Make sure your bankroll is ready before the college football betting season begins.  Don’t be taking money out or putting money in during the season.

6. The NCAA football betting season is a long one.  You need to understand this simple fact and not overreact to a bad week.

7. Keep in mind that trends and injuries are part your handicapping process and can help you make winning football picks against the college football betting odds.

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