Week 1 Line Moves in College Football Betting Odds

The first week of the college football season is just around the corner and there have already been some big moves in college football betting odds.

The first games are on Thursday, September 2nd and many of those games have had major moves vs. the college football lines.

College football odds moved five points on the Ohio State Buckeyes. They opened as 24 point home favorites vs. Marshall and the line has gone up to 29.  Utah opened as a 1-point favorite vs. Pittsburgh and that line has shot up to 3.5.

Friday it is Arizona at Toledo and there has been action on the Wildcats as they have gone from a 12.5 point favorite to a 14.5 point choice.  Saturday’s games have seen some big line moves as well.  Florida hosts Miami of Ohio and gamblers really like the Gators. They have gone from 30.5 point favorites to 35 point favorites.  Usually gamblers choose to bet on the marquee teams but in another game on Saturday they are taking the underdog as Texas is at Rice. Texas opened as a 32.5 point favorite and that number is down to 29.  The top team in the country, the Alabama Crimson Tide opened as a 38-point home favorite against San Jose State and in the case of this game the public likes the Crimson Tide as they are now 40-point favorites.

Another top team in the rankings is Oklahoma and bettors like the Sooners in their opener against Utah State. The Sooners opened as 28 point favorites and they are now 31.5 point favorites.  Bettors really like Georgia as they host UL Lafayette. The Bulldogs have gone from 24 point favorites to a 28 point choice.   A similar type of game is getting action as Nebraska hosts Western Kentucky.  The Cornhuskers have gone from 31 point favorites to a 35 point choice.  Clemson has gotten some action in their game vs. North Texas the Tigers went from 19.5 point favorites to 22.5 point favorites.

Line movements are always interesting to track early in the season.  Sometimes the big moves will win but not always and there are also those occasions where the game lands right in the middle of the opening and closing number.