Avoiding Bad Teams in College Football Betting

College football betting is popular on Saturdays with a number of teams on the online sportsbook board.

What is sometimes forgotten when making a college football bet is that bad teams are actually playing each week.  To be more successful in NCAA football betting you may want to avoid taking bad teams.

College football betting should actually begin with not taking bad teams.  That sounds really simple doesn’t it in online betting?  If you have been involved in college football betting for any length of time you can certainly recall bettors or tout sheets/services that try and outsmart reason and logic and end up reaching by outsmarting themselves.  The mistake of trying to re-invent the wheel by taking horrible teams on the theory that they are good “values” has blown up many bankrolls and embarrassed many college football betting handicappers.

While it is undeniably true that there are times in which a bad team can be a good value, having money on bad teams is usually not a good idea in NCAA football betting. Keep in mind the college football betting oddsmakers are offering all of those points precisely because that team is outclassed and unwanted by those in the know.  

By that same token, while you should always try and take a quality team you should not take them when having to lay more points than what is merited in college football betting.  What a college football betting gambler is ultimately looking for is that solid combination a good team at a good price, not just half of the equation.  A good team at a big price is not a winning combination in the long run in college football betting nor is a bad team at a “bargain” price against a far superior foe in college football betting.

Along those same lines a college football betting gambler should not stand in front of a stampede and try and guess when a team on a hot streak is finally going to blow.  Again, the “due” theory is dangerous either way when making a college football bet as it is an open defiance of recent indicators and clues in NCAA football betting.  Further, college football betting gamblers should always remember that you can lose only once betting on a streak but several times when betting against one.

A huge tip to remember in NCAA football betting is to not overreach and take bad teams, even when they are getting a lot of points at the online sportsbook.

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