Betting College Football: A Purist’s Play

Just as is there are profound differences between college and pro football fans there are also the same noticeable differences between those who bet on college and pro football.

Sure, many do both, but you see a much more intelligent crowd of college football betting odds fans than Pro football betting fans.  College football betting odds leads to more informed bettors, while pro football betting is for every fan around the world.

College football betting odds players tend to be better informed about their favorite sport and much more of gambling “purists.” Those college football betting odds fans have a love for the game that the more cynical pro football fans cannot match but, beyond that, college football betting odds players are, more often than not, better informed about their game than the typical pro football betting player. Since pro football attracts so many more casual fans than the college game, there is considerably more ignorant money bet on Sundays. Beyond that, there are one-hundred-eighteen college football teams compared to just thirty-two pro football teams and, thus, college football betting odds players of course would come of as more serious as the both have more options and yet more work to do.

“Sharps”, a word to describe smart college football betting players, are far more numerous on college football betting Saturdays at a sportsbook than on Sundays. With those one-hundred-eighteen teams and the options that they present, “sharps” love the fact that there are more possibilities for weak college football betting odds and less public money influence on the college games, more pure college football betting odds and a more pure chance for a guy that does his homework to succeed. Plus, there are more college games that have a wider variety of college football betting odds than the parity minded NFL. You can get a college football betting odds line of minus/plus twenty-five, thirty, or even higher every week if that is what you are into as well as the closer football betting lines that you see on Sundays.

College football betting odds also offer traditional rivalries and emotional matchups that the NFL cannot possibly hope to imitate, which makes for great college football betting opportunities that no other sport can offer. If you are a gambler that does his homework, loves variety and multitudes of possibilities, and loves the fact that everyone won’t be betting on your action, then the college football betting odds are for you.

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