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There are more NCAA basketball betting lines available than in any other sport. College basketball betting can be successful if you understand the NCAA basketball betting line. You must know how to interpret value and understand that college basketball betting lines are made by oddsmakers to attract equal action to both sides. Once you get the grasp of where the lines come from and the logic behind them, NCAA basketball betting will become one of your favorite all time activities at the sportsbook.

Traditional powers such as Connecticut, Duke, Kansas, and others will likely be poor values against the college basketball betting line because they are “name” or “public” teams that attract a lot of money to their sides.NCAA basketball betting fans for these teams know exactly how the lines work in these cases.

As you consider college basketball betting you might want to take other solid programs against these traditional powers, especially when you are getting points. Duke and Kansas have great reputations but they are not always a good favorite against the college basketball betting line. So do not be confused in thinking that just because these are some of the best teams that you should go out and bet on them.

Another college basketball betting idea is to look at the "mid-major" conferences to gain value. Teams from the MAC are usually getting nice value against the spread when out of conference. MAC stands for Mid-American Conference and they are very good picks to consider in cases like these.

The same thing holds true with other smaller conferences. Another advantage when looking at college basketball betting is the simple fact that there are so many games on the board. Having so much to choose from will expand your NCAA basketball betting possibilities and allow you to have a higher chance at winning big!

It is difficult for anyone to keep track of over 250 teams and the oddsmaker is no exception to that rule. You can pick and choose your spots, but he has to put a line out on every game and that is no easy task. That is a big edge for you as a college basketball betting player so being cautious and analyzing your play before bet is always a good way to go.

You might choose to concentrate on one of those mid-major college basketball betting conferences and know more than the people that put out the NCAA basketball betting line. Despite of what you choose to do, this sport will deliver countless learning and winning opportunities.

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