Warriors Defeat Mavericks to Keep Win Streak Going

December 15th, 2014 NBA Basketball

Dirk Nowitzki shooting basketball from outside defended by Miami HeatAs the Golden State Warriors this past Saturday on the road, beat the Dallas Mavericks 105-98 as Warriors Green had some 20 points and 8 rebounds 1 assist, 2 blocks and 2 three pointers, while defensively in the 2nd half stop the few runs the Maverick had in the 2nd half of the game. As Coach Kerr said, Green is a team leader and one of the Warriors most important defensive players.

Green and the Warriors managed to hold the Maverick’s the league’s leading offense to only 40 percent shooting in this game, and with 22 games behind them this 2014, Golden State has not had an opponent hit 50 percent of their shots. Our defense is better than most people care to think, said Kerr.

The Warriors use the word “versatility” often, and their Coach Kerr says their versatility is with our defense and its ability to change plays, and players in the game. They change a lot on defense, which brings about confusion with uncanny matchups, and they can accomplish this as they have many real savvy defensive players, who can manage the shifts, which can leverage the team in to an advantage. Opposing teams are not aware of when the switches are coming, thus it’s very relates to success for the Warriors.

In explaining their switches and versatility, Kerr the team can switch on pick-and-rolls, and our players guard other positions, as well as several positions, and that makes us incredibly successful with our defense maneuvering. In the game against the Mavericks the Warriors versatility allowed the defense to guard Dallas’s Nowitzki, with a point guard, a shooting guard, a little forward and a power forward as guarding the German player takes team play, but the Warriors versatility makes the job much easier. Our players went at him from various angles, as they limited the Mavericks passing lanes in the game.

Green is giving the Warriors a new direction as their point forward that can play pick-and-pop with the best, and he is averaging 13.5 points each game thus far in 2014, and 7.6 rebounds with 3.1 assist, 2.0 at 3 pointers and 1.1 in steals and blocks, while averaging 46.2 percent in his shooting performance.

Still the Warriors clearly have more stars than Green as offensively in the game against Mavericks Steve Curry & Klay Thompson each managed 17 points in the 1st half, with Curry finishing the game with 29 points, while Thompson finished with 25 in the game.

The Warriors with this win became the 12th NBA team to open a season at 20-2 from the opening of the season to date. So what does that signify? Well for fans that bet on NBA at SBG Global, it statistically is important since 7 of those that were in the previous 11 NBA teams to start at 20-2, made the NBA Finals, while 6 of those team won an NBA Title. The 3 teams of the 7 teams that actually won the NBA Title were the 1994 Rockets, the 1996 Bulls and the 2008 Celtics.

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