NBA Playoffs: Odds to win the Eastern Conference

November 7th, 2019 NBA Basketball

The NBA Playoffs for the Eastern Conference this season will a fight for survival, the likes the league hasn’t seen in a while. Although the media coverage will be far less stellar than the West, the East promises that the NBA Playoffs bets will be tight and with a couple of surprises here and there. The odds to win the Eastern Conference have been just posted and we have the scoop on each of the eight teams.

Detroit Pistons (+10000)

Is Detroit versus everybody it seems, the odds sure as heck say that. The Pistons, reach the playoffs in the last games of the season squeezing by barely. They have been up and down all season and despite their efforts they are not likely to make much of an impact derailing the Cavaliers. They are at high risk of getting swept, but they might be able to get one game in Detroit.

Indiana Pacers (+6650)

In the entire NBA playoffs if one team is to be a dark horse, that would be the Indiana Pacers. The reason being is that this team is not to be taken lightly and they very well could pull a major upset against the Raptors. Especially since Paul George is back, the Pacers might be able to get some much-needed edger in playoff scenarios. It is a long shot but not an improbable one. To put it in simple words, if they get hot they could very well find themselves playing in the Eastern Conference Finals. All depends if the offense produces and they keep their defending the way they have done it in recent months.

Charlotte Hornets (+4050)

The hornets are a very interesting case to say the least. They are at a position on the playoffs matched up against the Heat, and they look like underdogs, have the odds of an underdog, but don’t let that fool you. Regular season matches between the hornets and the Heat were very even, and in the first round they could manage to pull even a win out of Miami. If the make it out of the first round, who’s to say they don’t have it in them to make it to the Conference Finals?

Boston Celtics (+2050)

Boston is the team of the East’s future. They are a great team that, if the keep on going the way they are, a bright future awaits for them beyond the NBA playoffs. However, the task at hand is not as simple, as the Atlanta Hawks might have the right formula to put an end to the Celtics season in the first round. This series is likely to go to distance a full seven games, and regardless who makes it through they will have to face the demanding second round with the wear and tear of this series behind their back.

Atlanta Hawks (+1625)

The Hawks duo of Paul Millsap and Al Horford are the heart and soul of this team, take either one of the two out of the equation and the Hawks will struggle. And that is not the making of a team that could reach the NBA finals. It is sad but true. If Boston finds a way to control the both of them, the Hawks might be home bound soon.

Miami Heat (+1625)

After LeBron left the Heat manage to get by fine without him, but it was not the same. This  coming NBA playoffs they could be contenders to both reaching the NBA Finals and an early exit at the hands of the Hornets. It’s a matter if Dwyane Wade gets the back up he needs. It could be that they reach the Conference Finals and Wade will be face to face with LeBron.

Toronto Raptors (+590)

If the Raptors don’t reach the NBA Finals this year, they might not make it in quite a while. They have talent, experience and a real honest to god possibility. But, so luck will have it they will have a difficult path to the finals, first the Pacers, then the Heat/Hornets winner and finally most likely the Cavs. This is make or break time for the Raptors.

Cleveland Cavaliers (-270)

Much like we mentioned on a previous article, betting against LeBron James on the NBA  playoffs is like taking your money and setting it on fire. There is no way that the Cavaliers are missing their spot on the Finals. They are sweeping the Pistons, they are going to beat either the Hawks or Celtics. Them winning the Eastern Conference is as a safe bet as any right now.

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