Be the Front Runner when Betting on Kentucky Derby

Be the Front Runner when Betting on Kentucky Derby

October 10th, 2018 Horseracing, Kentucky Derby

A clear difference exists between the Kentucky Derby and the rest of the betting Horse racing schedule.  For this reason, even gamblers that don’t follow horse racing get in on the action.  Additionally, there are parties all over the globe focused on Derby Day.  Fans even dress up in suits and dresses.  The Ladies purchase fancy hats for just this one occasion.  Namely few events can match the tradition and mystique as the Kentucky Derby.  What’s more the dollars bet on the first Saturday in May rival those of most any sport.

Derby Day

In the same way as the Super Bowl, Derby Day is as much about the party and occasion as the race itself.  Although its true that most fans of the Derby know nothing about horse racing it’s irrelevant.  Commencing with the days leading up to the Derby everyone wants action.  More emphatically the hype takes a life of its own.  But make no mistake about it.  “The Fastest Two Minutes in Sports” is among the greatest events held each year.  To sum up trips and vacations are planned long in advance of this ultimate horse race.

Kentucky Derby Betting at SBG

SBG Global has become the ultimate betting on Kentucky Derby destination.  Not only do you get the best in up to the minute odds but you also get much more leading up to Derby Day.  It follows that for the casual fan or serious player you can bet on the races leading up to the Derby.  On the whole there are several months’ worth of races leading up to the first Saturday in May.  And SBG has them all for you.  To illuminate, you can build up a serious Derby Day bankroll with these qualifying races in the months before.

Get Ready for KD 2019

Already a full field is expected for the 2019 Kentucky Derby.  For this purpose, preparations are currently underway.  Counter to other races the Derby requires a near 12-month commitment by trainers and staff.  In turn horses most have never heard of are already getting trained for a Run at the Roses.

Exotic Wagers

Starting with odds on the winning horse you can also get exotic wagers at SBG Global.  Following that there will also be futures odds available on the Kentucky Derby.  For this purpose, you can wager on the Derby months in advance.  More emphatically you may end up with multiple futures selections.  Namely the odds will constantly change making different horses more advantageous at different times.  Identical to that will be the speculation and changes in the potential final field for Derby Day.  Because of this gambling value is going to fluctuate.

Exactas and Trifectas

Important to gamblers of course will be record payouts.  Due to the massive amount of money bet on the Kentucky Derby exotic wagers could be huge.  In fact, exactas and trifectas have paid at enormous rates in recent years at Churchill Downs.  Soon gamblers will be focusing on horses, jockeys, trainers and breeding connections.  From this point its never too early to start preparing for Derby Day.  Along the same lines such preparation is a big part of the excitement and fun!

An event like no other

Definitely no other event in Horse racing can match the prestige of the Kentucky Derby.  Starting with history and tradition it’s an event that is the envy of most all other sports.  In like manner the name brand cache of the Derby brings out fans who otherwise don’t care about horse racing.  The end result is the potential to take advantage of potentially weak betting lines.  After all, too much ignorant public money will all often flow one way.

Find excellent wagering value

Which leads to the realistic alternative of fading the public.  More emphatically, a smart Kentucky Derby gambler can find excellent wagering value in this most public of races.

Popularity on the Rise

The Kentucky Derby continues to grow in popularity despite the decline of horse racing overall.  While not as many folks bet the ponies as in the past everyone bets on Derby Day.  Henceforth now is the time to get into the race game at SBG Global.  Open your account and get a great bonus.  Begin to learn how easy and fun it is to bet on races leading up to the Kentucky Derby.  It follows that you will then be one of the best prepared players on that glorious first Saturday in May!

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