Winning Horse Racing Odds

Horse Racing odds for most bettors are looked at with an eye toward winning. Sometimes that is a good thing, but sometimes it is not.  Winning at horse racing is sometimes about finding the beatable race. Horse racing will usually reflect the talent of the horses involved in the race but they usually don’t tell the entire story.

Horse racing for the bettor need to involve more than just the basic numbers.  If you want to win at horse racing you really need to find beatable races. That means you are looking for horse racing odds that are not what they should be on a horse you like.  It is not always as easy as it appears in horse racing wagers .It is easy to handicap a race after it has already been won.  How many times do you look at the horse racing after the race and think you should have seen what was coming?  It happens all the time in horse racing.  What can help you avoid second guessing yourself as you look at horse racing odds is to not play tough races.

This is hard to do in horse racing because every race looks like a winner to a bettor.  What you need to do is look at the race and avoid playing the race if you can’t find good statistics on all of the horses. One situation as you look at horse racing odds in which this happens is when the track is sloppy.  Most horses have not run on off tracks and that means you don’t have enough information to make good decisions.  The race very well could be considered unplayable as you look at horse racing odds.Another example of a tough race is a maiden race.  None of the horses has ever won which means you don’t have the best information.  Some bettors love playing maiden races because they get long shot prices.  It is all a matter of what you are comfortable with as you look at horse racingodds.

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