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Horse betting begins with the basics. The easiest way to bet horse racing is to bet a horse to win. The horse must win for you to collect on your horse bet. The next option is betting the horse to place. That is when you make a horse racing bet on a horse to finish either first or second. The next option in horse betting is to take a horse to finish in the top three places. This is called betting a horse to show. The horse must finish either first, second or third for you to win your wager. Another popular wager for horse bettors is taking each of those first three options. It is called betting across the board in horse racing and that means you are wagering money on the horse to win, place and show in three separate wagers.

Other horse betting wagers are called “Exotic Wagers.” There are many different horse race betting options in exotic wagering beginning with the exacta. You are picking the exact order of the first two finishers in the horse race. A quinella would be picking the first two finishers in online horse betting but the horses can finish 1-2 or 2-1 as long as you pick the correct two horses. The trifecta is when you pick the exact order of the first three finishers in horse racing. The superfecta in horse gambling is picking the exact order of the first four finishers in horse racing.

Multi-race horse betting options also exist. They begin with the Daily Double which has you picking the winners of the first two races of the day in horse racing wagering. Other horse racing betting options include Pick Three’s where you are picking the winners of three consecutive races when betting horse racing. The Pick Four is where you pick the winner of four consecutive races chosen by the track. The Pick Six horse racing betting wager is where you select the winners of six straight races, usually the last six at the track. Those are the basic wagers you can make at the horse racing sportsbook.

Belmont Stakes 2017 Horse Racing Odds and Posts Positions

2017 Belmont Stakes Horse Racing Odds and Posts PositionsPost positions have been drawn for the Belmont Stakes 12-colt field – sans former horse racing odds favourite Classic Empire – as seen below (including odds to win for people who like to bet on horses online):

Belmont Horse Race Betting: Saving the Worst for Last?

2017 Belmont Stakes Horse Race BettingIt might seem that the 2017 Belmont Stakes will be as anticlimactic as horse race wagering gets; not there will obviously be no Triple Crown champion, but both winners of the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness Stakes will be conspicuous by their absences. You'd think these are vampire horses, they're so afraid of stakes. Anyhow, there is still plenty for people who like to bet on horse racing to be excited about – and plenty to learn as well.

Time for Preakness Stakes Online Wagering Horse Racing

Post positions and online horse race gambling odds to win the Preakness StakesThe posts have been drawn, the online wagering horse racing odds favour Always Dreaming, and the 142nd running of the Preakness Stakes is this Saturday. Now we play the waiting game… Ah, the waiting game sucks. Let's play Hungry Hungry Hippos! Or we could see how the different post positions have fared since 1903.

Preakness Online Horse Race Gambling Flying Squadron

Preakness Online Horse Race GamblingPreakness Stakes online horse race gambling comes down to this: Always Dreaming, Classic Empire, Lookin at Lee, and seven other horses. The first won the Kentucky Derby and is the online wagering horse racing favorite to win the second leg of the American Triple Crown; the third was the runner-up at Churchill Downs; and the second has a chip on his shoulder (yes, horses indeed have shoulders).

No. 7 with a Bullet for Preakness Horse Race Gambling?

Preakness online wagering horse racing favoritesWhen it comes to horse race gambling there is no such thing as TMI (too much information, if you're not into the whole brevity thing). For example, did you know that seven geldings have won the Preakness Stakes? And did you know that a gelding is a castrated horse? Well, now you know it and you can't unknow it. Here are many other factoids you should know, whether or not you want to.

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