Winning at Horse Racing Betting

September 25th, 2017 Horseracing

Horse racing betting can be profitable but it is not as easy as you might think.

The track take in horse betting is huge and to be successful and win money at horse racing betting takes a lot of discipline. It also involves finding races that are beatable. Many races at the track will be crapshoots and those are not the races you want to focus on in horse racing betting.

Horse racing betting is tough to win at if you are trying to pick a winner in every single race. There are just too many races that are unpredictable. That won’t stop many gamblers though. They want action on every race, regardless of whether it is beatable. The winning horse racing betting gambler is more selective. How do you find the beatable race in horse betting?

Some gamblers will look only at specific races. They might be stakes races or allowance races. There might be gamblers that only look to play races on the turf, on fast tracks, etc. Some gamblers will throw out races where the weather is a factor while other gamblers love them. Many gamblers look at claiming races to make money in horse racing betting. Sometimes factors will be easier to identify in claiming races. That makes horse racing betting for these gamblers more beatable.

Even though we said that the goal is to find the beatable race there may be times you don’t care. If you are playing multi-race exotic tickets you might just press the “all” button and not worry about the race. For example, let’s say you play a pick three in horse racing betting. You take two horses with two horses with all 10 horses in the last part of the pick three in horse betting. That will cost you $40 on a $1 pick four ticket in horse racing betting. You are hoping to win with one of your horses in the first two races and then have a longshot come in with the third race. That is one instance where a crapshoot race can be a good thing in horse racing betting.

You may have noticed that multi-race exotics are important to winning in horse betting and that is true. Overcoming the track take is tough and hitting big tickets is one of the few ways to do it in horse racing betting.

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