Trifecta Horse Racing Betting

October 19th, 2017 Horseracing

Horse racing betting includes the choice of wagering on the trifecta

That is where you are trying to pick the first, second and third place finishers in horse betting. Trifecta horse racing betting is very popular as gamblers look to hit good paying tickets.

Horse racing betting has seen some big payouts in trifecta wagering through the years. The 2005 Kentucky Derby had the trifecta pay out over $100,000 on a $2 wager in horse racing betting. That was the year the longshot Giacomo was the winning horse at odds of over 50-1. As you look at trifecta horse racing betting there are some basics to keep in mind. There are three types of trifecta wagers in horse betting. You have the straight trifecta where you pick three horses in the exact order you believe they will finish. For example, you might have a straight trifecta of 8, 3, 2. The exact order of finish in the race would have to be 8-3-2 for you to win your trifecta horse racing betting wager. The next type of trifecta wager in horse betting is the trifecta box. This is where you take a number of horses and put all of them into your wager. You can box from three horses to as many horses are in the race. For example, let’s say you took those same three horses in a trifecta box. It would cost you $6 for a $1 trifecta box or $12 for a $2 trifecta box. Now you just need those horses to finish 1-2-3 in any order to win your horse racing betting wager. The three most popular trifecta box wagers are for three, four and five horses. Anything more than that gets quite expensive in horse racing betting. A $1 three horse box costs $6, a four horse $24 and a five horse $60. The more horses you add to your horse betting trifecta box the more money it costs. Anything more than five gets very costly and may not get your money back in horse racing betting.

The other option in trifecta horse racing betting is the trifecta wheel. This is where you take one horse in a certain spot. It is also called keying a horse. For example, if you liked the number 8 in the first spot you could wheel that horse to the 3,2 in both the second and third spots. That bet would cost $4 if you were wagering a $2 bet since there are only two possibilities, 8-3 or 8-2. You could also wheel or key a horse in the second or third spot as well in trifecta horse racing betting.

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