Online Horse Betting Speed Numbers



Online horse betting for many people is all about speed. Handicappers sometimes look at horse betting entirely based on the speed figures they see in the Daily Racing Form. Speed ratings allow horse betting handicappers to analyze a horse’s particular performance in a race without worrying about track size, condition, etc. Online betting players understand that speed figures are a quick way to handicap a race. Speed ratings in online betting are made by looking at a horses’ finishing time and the distance of the race.

The rating is also modified from the track variant for the day. This compensates for things such as a sloppy track or other factors affecting the track condition. You also have the speed rating that adjusts for post position. This takes into account the positive or negative effects post position has on the horse’s overall performance. If you combine everything together you get what is the final speed rating for each horse for the horse betting race. With this single number you are able to compare a horse’s performances in online horse betting no matter where they have raced in the past. These ratings allow you to analyze horses in online horse betting making their first start at a track or if they are moving up or down in class.

The best way for horse betting players to use speed ratings as part of an overall handicapping method that includes other factors like class, horse betting odds, etc. Take a look at a horse’s past few speed ratings throwing out really bad races and average them out in horse betting. If the numbers are good you may have a value play in horse betting. If you want to win money at horse betting you must find value plays.  Many factors go into finding value as you look at horse racing. Using the speed ratings is a great way to narrow the field and find the potential horses that offer excellent value in online betting.


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