Horse Racing Sportsbook Angles

Horse racing sportsbook betting can be very exciting with multiple chances to win money each day. There are a variety of handicapping angles for horse betting, some more successful than others. Let’s look at some of the more popular horse racing sportsbook angles used by horse bettors. Horse racing angles range from the simple to the complex. Most gamblers won’t even consider the complex ones and how well they work is up for debate anyway. Let’s look at the simpler horse betting angles. The first two angles to consider when wagering at the horse racing are very simple. You bet on the leading trainer if he has a horse in the race and you bet the leading jockey if he is on a horse in the race. The next angle is also simple to find when betting horses at a horse racing. If you see that a horse is changing jockeys from a poor one to a winning one you want to bet that horse at the horse racing sportsbook.

Other angles to consider when wagering at the horse racing are horses that won their last race easily. These horses oftentimes will repeat a big effort with another win. A horse that had trouble in his last race could be a good bet today at the horse racing sportsbook as he might get a clean trip. One caveat to that angle is not betting a horse that continually has trouble as that horse may just not be capable of running a big race. Any horse that wins over 20% of the time is worth a look in horse betting. Any horse that is using Lasix for the first time is worth a look at the horse racing sportsbook. A horse that wired the field in his last effort is a horse to consider when betting at the horse racing sportsbook.

These are just a few of the horse betting angles you can consider when betting at a horse racing. Sometimes you won’t have to do much research to find these angles and some may even be pointed out in the Daily Racing Form each day.