Horse Racing Gambling Tote Board Tips at SBG Global Racebook

Horse racing gambling for many players revolves around looking at the tote board.This is where you find the odds on each horse and where you see money bet on horses to win, place and show in horse racing.  How can you use the tote board to pick more winners in horse racing.

Horse racing players will oftentimes wait until the last couple of minutes before post time before placing their wagers so they get the last minute tote board changes.  Do these last minute changes in the odds mean anything in horse racing?  The answer is sometimes.  There is no doubt that owners, trainers, grooms, clockers, etc. have more information about whether a horse is ready to win than everyday horse racing gamblers.  The problem for horse racing gambling players is to know when the odds are moving based on smart money and when they are not.  Smart money in horse racing gambling doesn’t move in any orderly fashion.  The other problem with smart money is that it doesn’t always win in horse racing.

A last minute drop in horse racing gambling odds on a horse may or may not reflect smart money.  What can easily happen in horse racing at many tracks is that a rumor gets started about big money being placed on a horse.  The crowd starts betting this horse and his odds drop.  Smart money can be bet in horse racing gambling at any time.  It can occur early, slowly or at post time.  There is no way to know.  That is the problem with following the tote board exclusively in horse racing gambling.  One area you might want to focus on is maiden races where you get serious tote board action.  This can really be a factor for first time starters since the only information anyone has that is any good comes from the trainer, owner or clocker. That horse could be worth a bet in horse racing if the odds start to go down.  Look at the tote board in your betting but be careful about making it your only factor.