Horse Racing Betting Tips

Horse racing betting tips begins with being properly prepared. If you want to win at horse racing betting then you need to understand what you are getting into and be prepared.

There’s no easy way to make money at horse racing betting (unless you get lucky of course) so you want to be prepared as you bet horses and that is where horse betting tips come into play.


    1. We begin horse betting tips with our first tip which is to watch as many horse races as possible.  The more you understand how races are won the better you can pick winners in horse betting.


    1. Our second of ten horse betting tips tells you to look at every horse in the race, not just the one you’ve backed.  It is so easy to only watch your own horse but that is not the best way to make money in the future.


    1. Concentrate on the better class of animals in the higher-grade races. Class wins in horse racing more often than not.


    1. The influence of weight is vastly overrated in horse betting. In the majority of cases, horses will not reverse their form, no matter how favorable the weights.


    1. Favor horses with a willingness to win.  The best horse betting tips will always look to winning horses.


    1. Another one of our horse betting tips is to rarely back a horse in a major handicap horse race first time out. Experience wins in horse the majority of the time.


    1. Look at the stats history of the big races, but use them intelligently. Don’t just blindly look at only one thing.


    1. Seven furlongs is a specialist distance, so remember that as one of our horse racing betting tips.


    1. In sprints, concentrate solely on horses in form as one of our top horse racing betting tips.


  1. The last of our horse betting tips looks at selectivity. Have an area you can specialize in, whether it is sprints, turf, maidens, etc.


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