Horse Racing Betting System

November 30, 2010 Horseracing

Horse racing betting systems can be found in nearly every horse racing betting publication.

Some horse racing betting systems are better than others but the bottom line is that if you want to make money in horse racing betting then you must find value.

Horse racing betting systems can’t be based on players betting favorites in horse racing because that doesn’t work. The obvious factors are always known in horse racing betting.  You need to find the value exceptions if you want to win at horse racing and that is the horse racing betting system we want to look at. Value occurs when the public overlooks something. It could be a missed workout, a significant jockey change, a trainer angle, or it could be many factors that they missed. Finding a horse with good odds is the great challenge in a horse racing betting system. You should know that if all of the money wagered in the win pool was returned to the betting public the there would be fair odds but that is not what happens.  Because of the "take-out" that goes to the track only some 78% of the pot is typically distributed, and that means you are fighting a 22% house take in horse racing betting.  Fighting this percentage makes it imperative that you find value in your horse racing betting system.

You must know more than just which horses have a good chance to win in a horse racing betting system. You must know exactly the win odds in order to calculate the fair odds for each horse in your horse racing betting system. The best horse in the race may not offer you the best value.  You must look for horses that offer you better odds than they are getting for your horse racing betting system.  The problem you run into is that horses that are supposed to win do not pay well enough for you to make a profit. A successful horse betting player must evaluate the chances of the contenders in order to discover the value bet.

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