Horse Racing Betting Numbers

Horse racing betting can sometimes be all about numbers. Do you actually understand how the numbers are made in horse betting?

In today’s computer age it seems like very few people actually understand the horse racing betting numbers.

Horse racing betting odds can actually be easy to understand. The horse betting odds show the odds one each horse and the amount of money you will win if that horse wins the race. Let’s look at an example from horse racing betting. If you see horse racing betting odds of 6-5 it means you would win $6 for every $5 you wagered. Most of the time when you are looking at horse racing betting odds the minimum wager is $2 and that is how payouts are listed. The toteboard will show the total amount of money in the win; place and show pools and then the numbers are adjusted to subtract the house take with the odds on each horse appearing. What some people fail to remember about these horse racing betting pools is that not all of the money in the pools is paid back. That is what makes beating horse betting tough. The track may take as much as 20% or more of the money in the pool. That is a big number to overcome in horse racing betting.

Horse racing betting gamblers sometimes don’t realize just how big 15 or 20 percent is in terms of money. Horse betting can be profitable but if you think you are going to nickel and dime your way to profits you are mistaken. The only way to overcome that huge track take in horse racing betting is to either have inside information which almost no one has or hit the big exotic tickets. If that sounds tough; it is. The good news for you as a horse racing betting player is that you don’t have to play every race. You can pick and choose your spots and you can play those big exotic tickets and try and hit a big score in horse racing betting.