The Horse Bet Trainer Factor

July 26th, 2018 Horseracing
Horse bet handicapping can involve a lot of factors to look at including the trainer factor.

There is no question in horse betting that some trainers win more than others. How can you use this information to win more money when placing a horse bet?

Horse bet trainer angles are pretty easy to spot. You can look at the Daily Racing Form and see the percentages of the trainer in each race. Taking the leading trainer at the meet is not a bad place to start when making a horse bet. Good trainers will win at least 15% of the time. Anything lower than that probably means the trainer is struggling at the track and you want to be careful making a horse bet on a horse that has a poor winning percentage trainer.

Some horse betting handicappers will do more research into the trainer angle than just the winning percentages. They will look at how a trainer does in certain situations before making a horse bet. Some trainers are very good in certain situations but struggle in others. You will see trainers that do well with maiden horses, some that do well with claims, others that do well when a horse switches surfaces, etc. Looking for trainer angles is a good way to get an advantage in horse betting. There are some handicappers that really focus on this area and are able to find winners in horse betting.

The trainer factor is not the only one you should consider when making a horse bet but it can be an important one. You can oftentimes separate a lot of contenders when making a horse bet simply by looking at leading trainers. There is rarely any single factor that will work all the time when you make a horse bet. The trainer factor is just one to consider when making a horse bet. The best trainers are like the best jockeys. They win for a good reason and you should always consider the training percentages when you make a horse bet. Keep the trainer factor in mind as you bet horses at the racebook this year.

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