US Open Golf Betting tops the list of majors betting at SBG Global

November 30, 2010 Golf

US Open golf betting is open to any sports or golf enthusiast that has an interest.

As one of the four premier events in professional golf the US Open odds annually attracts some of the largest interest among the sports wagering community. And with good reason considering that the US Open golf betting experience is arguably the most impressive in all of golf betting.

US Open golf betting is jam-packed full of excitement and enjoyment and there is hardly a soul on the planet that has tried US Open golf betting and not enjoyed it. Much of the US Open odds betting experience’s draw is the fact that it is one of the four Majors in professional golf, but if you ask a seasoned US Open golf betting expert what it is, they’ll tell you that it’s much more than simply the Majors classification that makes the US Open odds betting so special.

Among the four Majors, each has its own group of followers but it would be fair to say that the majority of golf enthusiasts look upon the US Open golf betting experience as the most rewarding. Sure the Masters is rich in tradition and has a loyal fan base but it’s not quiet like the group of followers that enjoy US Open golf betting. And the British is of course quite popular, especially with overseas fans, but is still doesn’t quite measure up to the US Open golf betting experience. And the PGA Championship, sort of the step child of the bunch, doesn’t even come close to generating the interest that US Open golf betting does.

The reason for the high interest in US Open odds betting stems from the wide open style of play and the high level of competition that defines each year’s US Open golf betting. The US Open golf betting experience is renowned for the difficulty of its course layouts and this ensures that only the strong will survive. Luck has very little to do with victory in US Open golf betting, unless weather plays a big role, which sometimes happens.

But for the most part, fans expect the best player to win when it comes to US Open golf betting.

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