US Open Golf Betting

US Open golf betting is always guaranteed to be some of the most exciting golf betting of the year.

In 2008, US Open golf betting fans enjoyed watching Tiger Woods' unforgettable victory over Rocco Mediate, and in 2009 US Open golf betting fans will undoubtedly be treated to more excitement, suspense, thrills, and amazing golf talent. To handicap the US Open golf odds successfully, there are numerous factors that US Open golf betting enthusiasts should consider.

US Open golf betting in 2009 involves wagering on Bethpage Black, which is widely recognized as one of the most difficult courses in the United States. US Open golf betting veterans will remember that Tiger Woods won the tournament in 2002, which was the last time it was held at that course.

However, in addition to looking at past US Opens, bettors must also analyze how well different golfers have been playing at the Memorial Tournament and other golf events preceding the US Open. In fact, many sportsbooks will release their US Open golf betting boards as these other tournaments take place, so gamblers will have the opportunity to wager on these early US Open golf odds if they desire. These US Open golf odds typically involve choosing the ultimate champion of the tournament, but once the tournament has begun bettors may also have the opportunity to wager on US Open golf odds for specific matchups.

Most US Open golf betting fans would agree that Tiger has the best chance of anyone to win the tournament. However, just because he is the best player in the world does not necessarily mean that he should be wagered on, as bettors must also consider whether his US Open golf betting lines are overpriced. Rather than wagering on Tiger, many US Open golf betting fans will attempt to correctly guess a surprise winner, such as Sergio Garcia or Ernie Els. Golfers such as these have a very realistic chance of winning the tournament, and they would also offer significantly larger payouts than Tiger if they won. Another golfer who will attract a lot of attention from the US Open golf betting community is Mediate, but the truth is that few US Open golf betting fans predict that Mediate will be able to repeat last year's magic. In fact, many US Open golf betting boards will have Mediate listed in the field. Nevertheless, US Open golf betting on the field can sometimes be a fairly high value wager and is certainly not an option that US Open golf betting fans should casually dismiss.

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