US Open Golf Betting Picking a Surprise Winner

November 30, 2010 Golf

US Open golf betting fans wagering on the tournament’s ultimate winner often stick to the top three or four golfers when betting on the US Open golf odds.

Nevertheless, the US Open golf odds for the other listed golfers should not be overlooked, as they can sometimes offer the best US Open golf betting value. In fact, it is by correctly choosing one of such golfers as the overall winner that US Open golf betting fans can really enjoy significant payouts.

US Open golf betting fans who wager on a player like Tiger Woods to win the 2009 US Open know that they have a fairly high likelihood of winning their bets. However, the problem is that the payoff established in Tiger’s US Open golf odds is fairly low. This phenomenon is greatest with Tiger, but it exists among the US Open golf betting lines for the other top few golfers as well. In other words, when US Open golf betting fans wager on these golfers the bettors ensure that their payout will be fairly limited.

In order to enjoy a larger payout, US Open golf betting enthusiasts must explore the US Open golf odds for the less elite players on the US Open golf betting board. Players like Sergio Garcia, Ernie Els, Angel Cabrera, Kenny Perry, and Vijay Singh are all extremely talented golfers who can very realistically be US Open champions. However, the US Open golf betting lines guarantee a payout of over ten times as much for successfully picking one of these players instead of Tiger. Therefore, US Open golf betting fans should not be reluctant to bet on such golfers, as their genuine US Open golf betting value can be far better than that of the sometimes overpriced golfers such as Tiger. Selecting the eventual winner from such a group of golfers is obviously a challenge, but by focusing on traditional handicapping factors, such as the golfers’ past US Open performances, most recent performances, and past performances on the Bethpage Black course, one can obtain very significant insights about each golfer. Moreover, when wagering on Tiger one is basically forced to wager only on Tiger because the small payout means any additional wagers may lead to an overall loss even if Tiger wins. On the other hand, by wagering on players like Garcia, Els, Cabrera, Perry, and Singh, US Open golf betting fans can bet on a variety of players simultaneously to increase the chances of winning, while still guaranteeing a large payout if any of the selected golfers ends up winning.

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