US Open Betting is unlike any other golf tournament at SBG Global

November 30, 2010 Golf

The US Open golf betting can be some of the most unpredictable golf wagering there is, due to the incredibly difficult course set ups featured in most US Open betting tournaments.

However, if you’ve never tried your hand at US Open betting, you should be prepared for all kinds of wild and unpredictable twists and turns in the upcoming US Open golf betting.

US Open betting fans come in all shapes and sizes and there are likely just as many different golf wagering strategies among the US Open golf betting fans as there are fan types. But one thing that all successful US Open golf betting fans have in mind is the fact that they never loose sight of the fact that the people that set up the US Open pride themselves in making the US Open betting the most difficult on tour.

As such US Open betting fans should expect to see Torrey Pines, this year’s host for the US Open golf betting, to play as difficult as it’s ever played. In fact, for any US Open golf betting fans that saw Tiger Woods set the couth course record in January with a 62 should completely forget what they witnessed. When the US Open betting finally rolls around, it’s very likely that the US Open golf betting fans won’t even recognize the course.

US Open betting fans should expect to see the place looking like a jungle. The US Open betting organizers are notorious for instructing groundskeepers to let the rough grow wild. In addition to Amazon like growth in the rough, US Open betting is also characterized by its postage stamp-sized greens and well guarded pins. While there is only so much that the US Open betting organizers can do in terms of green size, expect to see the Torrey Pines greens smaller when possible, but the real deciding factor will be pin placement which is never easy in the US Open betting.

All of these course alterations which are taking place right now will add an edge to the US Open betting and make Torrey Pines look like an evil twin version of the course that hosted the Buck Invitational in January.

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