US Open Betting or British at SBG Global

November 30, 2010 Golf

US Open golf betting fans are accustomed to challenges. However, the courses featured in the US Open are some of the most challenging and toughest on the earth.

This may complicate things for some fans when they are betting on the US Open. However, there is a great debate among much of the golf betting community, the US Open golf betting fans included, as to which is more difficult: British Open or US Open golf betting.

US Open golf betting fans generally agree that the US Open betting is more difficult. And there is plenty of evidence to support this as US Open golf betting scores are generally very high. The reasons for this are multiple and help form the unique characteristics that make the US Open golf betting the interesting event that it is. Some people enjoy this aspect of US Open golf betting and some don’t but there is no questioning the idea that US Open golf betting is one of the most unique experiences in golf wagering.

The fact that US Open golf betting organizers are able to tweak the courses much more than their British Open counterparts gives them advantage in terms of setting the difficulty of the host course for the US Open betting. The British Open is generally played on links style courses that have been around for centuries and that don’t lend themselves to major alterations. As such, the organizers for that event can only do so much, relative to US Open golf betting organizers, when it comes to making it tough on golfers.

Weather is the key factor that can ruin a golfer’s day at the British, while generally at US Open golf betting events the course itself is enough to derail a golfer. And when bad weather and wind are added to the US Open golf betting mix, it generally always equals disasters. Usually the favorite tricks of US Open betting organizers to make the course golfer-proof is to lengthen the holes and rough and hide the pin placement. Scores soar and US Open golf betting becomes very unpredictable. And that in a nutshell is what makes US Open golf betting so difficult.

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