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November 30, 2010 Golf

US Open golf betting fans often analyze the US Open golf odds by looking at how golfers have performed in the tournament in past years.

This form of US Open golf betting analysis may be somewhat useful, because the US Open is an especially important tournament and certain players have a tendency to either perform better or worse than usual under such circumstances. Nevertheless, it is at least as important to assess how the players featured in the US Open golf odds have been performing in recent tournaments.

US Open golf betting veterans know that golfers, just like other athletes, experience hot and cold streaks that can last for weeks or even months. Such streaks may result from any number of factors, including a boost in confidence, a new technique, a change in caddies, or the emergence of personal issues. Naturally, US Open golf betting fans can exploit their knowledge of such streaks to predict how players will perform in the US Open, and US Open golf betting fans can then handicap the US Open golf odds accordingly. It is unlikely, for example, that a player performing terribly in the weeks preceding the US Open will suddenly begin playing perfect golf during the US Open, meaning it probably would be wise to avoid his US Open golf betting lines.

Gamblers considering US Open golf betting in 2009 will want to look at a variety of different tournaments that precede the US Open. For example, there is the Crowne Plaza Invitational that takes place at the very end of May. After that, US Open golf betting enthusiasts should follow the Memorial Tournament, which is held in early June. Finally, the St. Jude Classic is held just the week before the US Open begins. Players’ performances in these tournaments undoubtedly will influence the US Open golf odds, yet not always to the extent that US Open golf betting fans may assume. By finding instances in which a player’s US Open golf betting line should have a higher or lower payout based on his recent performances, US Open golf betting enthusiasts will have an advantage in finding the US Open golf betting odds presenting the most value. Moreover, watching the preceding tournaments carefully will allow US Open golf betting fans to better understand the more detailed, current strengths and weaknesses of each golfer’s game going into the 2009 US Open. For instance, even if a golfer is playing fairly well overall, it could be very useful for US Open golf betting enthusiasts to know the golfer has recently been struggling with his putting.

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