US Open Betting is the toughest on tour at SBG Global

November 30, 2010 Golf

US Open betting is famous for many things, but perhaps the best known trait of US Open golf betting is the fact that it has been hosted by some notoriously difficult course layouts.

If you were to look down the list of host courses for the US Open betting over past few decades you see a murders’ row of US golf courses. Even seemingly friendly courses are transformed by the US Open betting organizers into something terrifying and that, in essence, is what makes US Open golf betting the great challenge that it is.

US Open betting critics had a field day last year criticizing the course layout involved in last year’s US Open golf betting. Most US Open betting fans will recall that there were all kinds of crazy things going on at Oakmont Country Club last year. The biggest complaint from US Open betting critics is the same year in and year out: the course layout is always too difficult for US Open golf betting, they claim. But that is exactly what makes the US Open betting unique.

Not that the US Open betting critics don’t have a point. Consider for a moment that the winning score in last year’s US Open betting was an abysmal five over. It is very rare indeed that winner at PGA Tour event doesn’t finish in the red and the fact that the US Open betting champ was five strokes into the black last year raised more than a few eyebrows. Oakmont Country Club is not an easy course on its best day but the fact that the greens keepers and organizers went out of their way to make the course almost impossible for the US Open betting did not sit well with many fans of US Open betting.

This year, perhaps the out of deference to the US Open betting critics the event will be held at beautiful, yet not especially challenging course at Torrey Pines. It will be very interesting to see how the US Open betting organizers set the course up. It’s almost guaranteed to play longer and there is no doubt that the rough will grown ragged by the time the US Open betting action tees off. But it’s also possible that this year’s US Open betting will see a much lower score than the US Open golf betting last year.

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