US Open Golf Betting at SBG Global: How Will Rocco Mediate Do in 2009?

November 30, 2010 Golf

US Open golf betting fans were shocked in 2008 when a relatively unknown golfer named Rocco Mediate played some of the best holes of his life and pushed Tiger Woods into a memorable sudden death, from which Tiger finally emerged triumphant.

As 2009 US Open golf betting approaches and the 2009 US Open golf odds are set, many US Open golf betting enthusiasts are wondering whether Mediate can repeat last year’s performance and shoot for first place once again. It is certainly possible, yet most US Open golf betting veterans doubt Mediate’s 2009 performance will be anywhere similar to his 2008 performance.

The US Open golf betting world was fairly stunned in 2008 when Mediate nearly beat Tiger and walked off with a US Open victory. US Open golf betting fans know that Mediate is a very respectable golfer, but he certainly is not usually mentioned in the same sentence as elite players like Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson. In fact, Mediate has never before won a major tournament and his most recent PGA Tour win was at the 2002 Greater Greensboro Chrysler Classic. Nevertheless, US Open golf betting veterans will not soon forget how well he played in the 2008 US Open, in which he shot more like a player with several major victories to his name.

After such a memorable performance in 2008, many US Open golf betting fans will be thinking about Mediate as they analyze the 2009 US Open golf odds. Predicting whether or not Mediate will play like he did in last year’s tournament will be hugely significant when evaluating the US Open golf odds. Despite his performance last year, most sportsbooks will not even offer US Open golf odds for Mediate in 2009, but rather include him in the US Open golf betting lines for the field. In other words, US Open golf betting fans wanting to wager on Mediate will need to wager on the US Open golf betting odds for the field. There is certainly a contingent of US Open golf betting enthusiasts who believe Mediate will shine in 2009 and vie for first place again. Nevertheless, most US Open golf betting fans believe his 2008 performance was the exception and in 2009 he will play respectably, but never be a threat to the tournament leaders. Placing in the top few in the US Open in consecutive years is very challenging even for elite golfers, so it is perhaps not surprising that many US Open golf betting enthusiasts doubt that a player like Mediate can do it.

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