US Open Golf Betting at SBG Global: Can Tiger Woods Do It Again?

November 30, 2010 Golf

US Open golf betting in 2009 – just like virtually all golf betting nowadays – will focus primarily on the one man who dominates the sport: Tiger Woods.

US Open golf betting veterans will remember how Woods grimaced through a painful tournament last year to earn one of the most memorable victories of his career. Now, the question remains if US Open golf betting fans should wager on Tiger in the 2009 US Open golf odds, assuming he will finish in first place once again.

US Open golf betting on Tiger Woods undoubtedly will be more popular than US Open golf betting on any other player. Tiger is unquestionably the best player in the world and arguably the best golf player ever. Moreover, US Open golf betting fans know that he won the US Open last year and also won it in 2002, which is the only other time that the US Open was held at its 2009 location of Bethpage Black. Additionally, Tiger’s power game and ability to control the ball while sailing it over hazards will prove very useful for the course. In other words, there is little reason for US Open golf betting fans to believe Woods does not have a fairly high likelihood of winning the tournament once again.

Nevertheless, US Open golf betting fans must consider Tiger’s US Open golf odds before wagering on him. Because Tiger is such a huge favorite, the US Open golf odds will only involve a relatively small payout if he wins. Consequently, such US Open golf odds may dissuade some US Open golf betting fans who are looking for a larger payday if they can choose the winner. Moreover, while Tiger may be better than anyone else, each tournament somebody will emerge to challenge Tiger, as happened in the 2008 US Open. In fact, US Open golf betting fans should note that Tiger’s past few performances have not all been stellar. For instance, in the 2009 Masters Tournament Tiger finished in sixth place and in the Quail Hollow Championship he finished in fourth. Tiger is on a quest for major championships, so he will fight hard for a US Open victory, but US Open golf betting fans should not assume that victory is inevitably his. In the end, every US Open golf betting fan can agree that Tiger has a better chance of winning the tournament than anyone else; however, to assess the US Open golf odds correctly, bettors must consider just how great these chances are.

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