The Open Championship Betting is a very special at SBG Global

November 30, 2010 Golf

The Open Championship betting, or British Open betting, as its referred to more commonly is one of the truly unique events in all of golf, if not the sporting world in general.

For anyone that has ever poured over the Open Championship odds or wagering a time or two in the Open Championship betting can tell you, there is simply nothing like it an all of sport. Exactly what it is about the Open Championship betting that makes it so special is hard to point, but somehow it all comes together and is wrapped up in perfection in the form of the Open Championship odds.

Perhaps it’s the rich tradition that makes the Open Championship betting so unique.  The history and culture surrounding the Open Championship odds is unparalleled in the sporting world. In fact, the Open Championship betting is as much a part of the history of golf as any other event. The game was invented in the Scottish highlands centuries ago and for much of that period the Open Championship has gone hand and hand with the history of the sport in a way that no other tournament has.

Perhaps it’s the uniqueness of the links style golf that sets the Open Championship odds apart from the rest of the PGA tournaments, or the other Majors. For American fans the links style of play is like stepping back in time and that huge contrast with the lush, long courses in the US make the Open Championship betting all the more special. For fans unfamiliar with the links style of play, with the three foot rough and the potted bunkers, the Open Championship betting will be a real eye opener. And the links style of play goes back to the heart of golf and the founding spirit of the highlanders and it’s all but impossible to separate that connection in history when it comes to engaging in the Open Championship betting.

But even with all these great and unique elements found in the Open Championship betting, it’s still the action on the course that draws in fans.  As a Major event, the sporting action rarely gets any better than at the Open Championship betting. It’s simply the most complete package in all of golf wagering and the Open Championship betting this year should be as good as ever.

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