The Open Championship Betting at SBG Global

The open championship betting is one of the highlights of the summer betting season.

In the July month, especially, sports fans will not find a better gig than the Open Championship. With the rest of the sporting world in more a less dormancy the Open Championship betting offers a great respite from the dog days of summer and the Open Championship odds are now available almost anywhere.

With the evolution of the online betting industry it’s as easy as ever to keep up to speed with the Open Championship betting. In times past the delay from overseas often kept the Open Championship odds fans wondering what the score was until the next day. But with instant communication via the Internet and the 24 hour news cycle, the Open Championship betting has become as easy as World Series betting. Even non-golf fans can’t help but be caught up in the rich tradition of the Open Championship betting.

With the top golfers in the world assembled to battle for the Open Championship betting title you’ll be hard pressed to find any better golf competition on the face of the planet. But this year the Open Championship betting will be somewhat unique that world number one Tiger Woods, a fixture in the Open Championship odds, will not be present. Basking in his US Open win and rehabbing a chronically injured knee he will watch the Open Championship betting action from his Florida compound.

While some of the Open Championship betting fans will lament his absence it’s also a great opportunity for some lesser known golfer to grab the bull by the horns and make a name for themself. Woods has been beating the competition this year like a rented mule and no doubt would have continued at the Open Championship betting. Look for someone unknown golfer to step out of the shadows and take the Open Championship betting title this year.

There are of course old stand-bys like Phil Mickelson and Ernie Els that would love to take advantage of Wood’s absence in the Open Championship betting and grab a major title of their own. But neither man has been all that impressive this year and the Open Championship title looks to be up for grabs. It should be a fantastic week for golf betting.