Open Championship the best of majors at SBG Global

November 30, 2010 Golf

There are four events in professional golf which are collectively known as the Majors.

But perhaps none of these events is as important as the Open Championship betting. Fans of the Open Championship odds have long argued that British Open is the biggest golfing event in the world, and if you closely examine the exciting history of the Open Championship betting, it’s hard to argue against this notion.

The four Major events as surely fans of the Open Championship betting know are the Masters, the US Open, the British Open (or the Open Championship betting as it’s known by its official name), and the PGA Championship. All four have a special story but in reality it is most likely the Open Championship betting could very easily be considered the so-called ‘best of the best’ that golf wagering has to offer. The Open Championship odds are truly unique and it’s that uniqueness that makes the Open Championship betting so special.

The obvious difference between the Open Championship betting and the other three majors is their location. The US Open, the Masters and the PGA Championship are played on US soil whereas the Open Championship odds are the lone UK event in the bunch. But beyond this geography the events could not be more different and the US events have nowhere near the history or heritage of the Open Championship betting.

The one Major that could rival the Open Championship betting as the top golfing event in the world is the Masters. The Masters, like the Open Championship odds is unique as it’s played on the same course every year.  However, the tournament hasn’t been around nearly as long as the Open Championship betting has. That historical longevity should not be overlooked by fans of the Open Championship betting and adds something very special to the overall experience.

While it would be impossible to objectively say which of the Majors is the best; in terms of prestige and reverence by the players themselves, there is no question that the Open Championship betting takes the cake; and perhaps that, more than any other should element, should be used as the arbitrating factor in defining the Open Championship betting’s greatness.

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