Make a US Open Bet on Tiger Woods at SBG Global

November 30, 2010 Golf

US Open bet enthusiasts are generally not stupid people. So this next bit of advice regarding US Open betting is probably more than just a little unnecessary, but if you’re thinking of making a US Open bet, bet on Tiger Woods.

Granted, advising a fan to place a US Open bet on the best player on the world is not really all that insightful, but with all the talk of Tiger being unfit to play in the US Open betting after his surgery circulating these days it seems a point well worth repeating.

US Open bet experts will make Woods the US Open betting favorite even if he shows up to the event in a wheelchair. That’s the type of esteem that the best golfer in the world is held in the US Open bet community. And according to all the information that’s been released from Woods’ camp there is absolutely no reason not to think that Woods won’t be ready to go and be in top form in time to make a US Open bet on him.

The time off could actually do him good as anyone planning to make a US Open bet that has seen him play in 2008 after a long lay off can attest to. After taking something like three months off from the game he stormed back in January and won six events in a row, definitely a good omen for people thinking of placing a US Open bet on him. Tiger is such an intense competitor that the mental wear and tear is likely worse than the physical and for that reason a rest seems like the perfect preparation for the US Open bet season.

But recent doubt as to Tiger’s fitness regarding US Open bets, whether real or imagined, will likely have a positive effect on the US Open bet odds. Rumors of his uneasiness will likely push the US Open bet odds a bit longer than usual and this could lead to a better pay day for anyone that makes a US Open bet on Woods to win it. And what US Open betting fan wouldn’t like to win more money with their US Open bet?

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