Is Tiger Still the Favorite in the US Open betting action?

November 30, 2010 Golf

There was once a time when you could pencil Tiger Woods in as the favorite of any competition, whether it was the US Open betting or the Sri Lanka Pro-Am.

In any challenge, Woods was that dominant. But after his personal life went off the tracks last November and he took a five month break from the PGA betting competition his aura of invincibility has been shattered.

With the 2010 US Open odds competition approaches quickly and Woods apparently going to compete, many sports betting fans are wondering whether this might be the first golf betting tournament in a decade that doesn’t feature Woods as the front runner in the PGA betting odds.

Make no mistake; Woods is still the best golfer on the planet.  He still has a very comfortable lead in the rankings as the world’s number one player and it would be a shock if the US Open betting lines didn’t feature him as the favorite for the upcoming tournament.

In fact, it’s been so long since any other player was the US Open odds favorite that the golf handicappers will most likely right his name in on reflex alone.

But in all seriousness, he merits the title of being the favorite in the US Open betting because of his still impressive golfing skill and prowess.  Anyone that witnessed his return to competition golf betting action at Augusta had to be impressed by how well he played.

Golf wagering fans forget that he finished fourth at the first golf betting Major of the year and was in contention all the way up to the final nine holes on Sunday.  He was rusty, to be sure, but he could have easily won that tournament and just imagine he would have played if he wasn’t coming off a five-month hiatus?

US Open betting fans should also note that it wasn’t so much that Tiger lost the Masters betting competition as Phil Mickelson won it.  Lefty played arguably the best PGA betting tournament of his life and deserved to win his third Green Jacket.

If anyone is going usurp Tiger at the top of the US Open odds list it will be Lefty.  He was spectacular at Augusta.  Still, Tiger is the man to beat and he will almost certainly be the favorite in the upcoming US Open betting odds.

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