EPL Preview for Southampton versus Everton

January 14th, 2020 Football Soccer

Since we are coming to the end of March Madness and the NBA regular season we will move over to EPL soccer for a preview on some upcoming English Premier League games that are upcoming on Saturday the 4th of April 2015.

The first game we preview on the 4th of April is Southampton FC Saints playing at Everton FC Blues with the game starting at 10AM ET on this Saturday and the favorite on opening odds is Everton at +170 with the Over 2 -140 and the Comeback on Southampton +180 and +245 on the draw.

With the league being in the latter stages of this 2014-15 EPL season it becomes essential that teams give their best performances as each team seeks a spot aside the top soccer in Europe. In this game the troubling Everton are at home at Goodson Park where Southampton has always found the games difficult.

What’s on the line in this EPL match-up?

The Saints of Southampton need a mere 6 points to become qualified for the playoffs and could make up those points to enter the Champions League by getting 2 or 3 wins against their least competitive teams in their final games that consists of 8 match-ups. The last spot available in this tournament is presently held by Manchester United and by the Saints winning that means the

United still has to play the top 3 teams in the present tournament rankings.

If you Bet on Soccer at a Sportsbook and are a Southampton Saints booster then your team should be very positive coming into this game with Everton after on this past 21st of March they beat Burnley at 2-0 and never felt challenged in that game.

Presently Southampton is close to entering the 1st five, since in their last 6 games they have won 4 with a draw in 1 game with the leading Chelsea team. The Saints are somewhat different than the league leaders in that they do not have powerful offense, but what they possess in a defense that make it very difficult for their opponents to score on this Saints team.

They have a great Goalkeeper who has of late played very well in that in their last 9 games the opponents were only allowed some six goals and in the other 3 games they scored no goals and of those 9 games they won 6 and this season the Saints have the record for the least amount of allowed goals in the EPL.

For the Everton Blues fans they in the past have had a tough time when playing Southampton and home, as well that in their last 14 match-ups they have managed just 3 wins, and 2 of those teams are in the bottom of the EPL rankings.

Apart from the Everton troubles, they seem to play well against the Saints of Southampton in that in the last 6 games they have won 5 of the match-ups. The last time they met back in December of 2013 their star Lukaka made 2 goals as the Blues of Everton won 2-1. In this game their strike Lukaku will have plenty of assistance from their 3 midfielder as they are very good at controlling the midfield and keeping the Saints away from the goal and goalkeeper Howard, who lately has allowed opponents to score some 7 goals in their last 5 EPL match-ups.

The medial expert are predicting that Saints of Southampton will escape a draw in this match-up and beat the Blues of Everton 1-0 on Saturday at Goodson Park.

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